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Jenny Smith PhD

Jenny Smith provides freelance medical writing services with a focus on medical communications. Following her degree (Physiology), PhD (transdermal drug delivery) and post doc (cardiovascular disease) at the University of Leeds, UK, she worked in a global medical device company for 13 years in a range of research and medical communications roles. Whilst in industry, she worked closely with global cross-functional teams including Marketing, Regulatory, Safety, Clinical Operations, Market Access and Sales,  weaving medical stories into clinical publications and other medical communications materials.

Jenny has completed the European Medical Writers Association Foundation certificate ( majoring in Medical Communications. She has also been awarded the ‘Meritorious Manuscript’ Award (2006) by the American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences.



Where Medical Writing Meets Medical Storytelling

If I were to ask you to tell me a story, I'm sure you could think of many. Stories resonate with their audience and are often easier to remember than basic facts and figures.  

I believe that stories can be found everywhere! In every data set there is a medical 'story' trying to be told.  Weaving a strong narrative into your scientific communications material will make it more memorable and more impactful.  JMS Medical Writing Services can help you to identify the medical story that resonates with your customers and complements your product messaging while ensuring scientific accuracy and integrity. 

Make sure your medical story is heard!

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